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REVOLT – Producers Talk The Making Of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’

Alright-Kendrick Lamar

Super dope vis!

DJ Quik – Quik Is the Name This might be a “Perfect West Coast Album”

This might be a “Perfect West Coast Album”

Listening to this production it was o on point, the mix was awesome.

Super Dope.

Ed Sheron: trap queen with the roots

Hip-Hop’s Annual Pilgrimage to Atlanta (A3C Festival & Conference)

I will be ready to go this year. I did this about 2 of last five years. Can’t wait to go back and meet good friends.

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Freddie Gibbs on Snoop’s GGN

Beast Trap |hip hop rap instrumental beat| ambitionbeats

Beast Trap |hip hop rap instrumental beat| ambitionbeats

I know people are too familiar with trap type beats but they still bang hard. Living in the south during three crucial times in the history of music, fist my freknick years being introduced to luke, then my college years during the rise of No limit and Cash money records fall of Nasty Dancer, and recently being in the south for the trap or die movement and being part of that duffle bag boy/playaz circle/ two chainz movement I believe I can do Trap music and have some authenticity. I am still from the west but alot of us have migrated back and forth. I suggest that you come hard if you get this beat , i know it will bring something out you.

BURN – ONE |hip hop rap instrumental beat

BURN – ONE |hip hop rap instrumental beat| ambitionbeats|

Ridder beat, current sound. Burner track for the flashy spitter.

Burn one is something i created trying to get that Northern California hood fell but still give someone an opportunity to shake they ass on the floor. Growing up in California i know we like mob and dance. I imagine a clyde carson or a sage spitting on this beat, or even a E-40 or Short or IAMSU.

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